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Plenary Sessions

  1. Moonesighe - Future of anaesthesia, life and everything

  2. Morlion - Chronic pain should be a concern for every anaesthetist

  3. Aronson - Perioperative medicine is critical for a sustainable population health strategy

  1. Walking the Line: Tales from the OR

  1. Leslie - Clinical Trials: Past, present and future 

  2. Von Ungern Sternberg - Bigger is not always better, a view to paediatric research

  3. Hofmeyr - Redfining the definitive airway: The case for the supraglottic airway

  1. Fitzpatrick - Ten-year-old children should be in school, not in prison

  2. Wood - Influence and implementation of clinical research

  3. Hurley - Everything is Hypnosis

  4. Harper and Marriot - Take my breath away

  5. Powell - The Bank of Me

  1. Skowno - Progress in Paediatric Anaesthesia from 1842 to 2042

  2. Sommer - Fibromyalgia: Demystifying a syndrome

  3. Pettigrew - Encouraging patients to adopt healthier lifestyles

  1. Coulson - Angiotensin II to reduce acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery (A-TRAK)

  2. Tognolini - Plasma lidocaine concentrations following an intraoperative intravenous weight-based regimen in obese patients

  3. Press - Diagnostic accuracy of ROTEM FIBTEM amplitude measurements in identification of hypofibrinogenaemia in cardiac patients is improved by considering the ratio of FIBTEM to EXTEM clotting time 

  4. Brown - Pericapsular Nerve Block with Local Infiltration in Hip Arthroplasty Surgery

  5. Thomas - Remote supervision of ultrasound guided peripheral intravenous cannulation training 

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